Headless Body Found Near Washington Bunker Loaded with Weapons and Ammo


Headless Body Near Washington Bunker.

The Washington authorities revealed that around Saturday afternoon, the body of a 26-year-old woman was found near a survivalist’s bunker. According to the police report, the woman’s head was severed, and the bunker where she was found was loaded with assault-style rifles and diverse types of ammunition.

Headless Body Belonged to an Ex-Military Woman

Based on the on-going investigation, the body discovered near the Washington survivalist bunker belongs to 29-year-old Katherine Cunningham, an ex-military woman. As the authorities revealed, the placed where the headless body was found is on the mostly rural and remote Camano Island, a short distance.

During the investigation, the detectives also discovered something that looked like a doomsday bunker, which appeared to have been dug by hand in one side of the hill. Inside, the authorities found a veritable arsenal as well as supplies.

Cunningham’s body was found outside the bunker with her head chopped off with a very sharp utensil, most likely a bayonet or a machete. Upon questioning the woman’s friend and relatives, the detectives announced that 34-year-old Jacob Gonzales, possible Cunningham’s boyfriend, is a person of interest in the woman’s murder.

Based on eyewitness descriptions, Gonzales is a Hispanic person, approximately 5-foot-9 in height, hazel eyes, long, black hair, thin mustache and a goatee. The last time Gonzales was seen, he was driving a green Mitsubishi Montero from the 90s.

Gonzales’ care bore Washington plates, registration number AYE2639. The authorities cautioned citizens not to approach the individual as he’s considered armed and dangerous.


A woman told the authorities that she knew both Gonzales and Cunningham, who have been together since they met in the military. Moreover, the woman stated that the couple appeared to be normal and would never have though Gonzales was capable of committing such an atrocious act.

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