Next BMW 1-Series Spotted In The Snow Is Not Worth Your Attention


A couple of days ago, photos of the next-gen BMW 1-Series circulated on the internet and it sparked a lot of interests from the public. Despite being covered in thick camouflage, the spied 1-Series has got an edgy shape that hints on a visually appealing design.

Another thing that is worth noting are the sporty curves on the next 1-Series. BMW cars have proven that sporty appearance is just not for show and they are often paired with an exciting performance. The fact that the 1-Series was also spied in heavy snow conditions suggests that the car will have the power to perform.

Everything sure sounds exciting for the next 1-Series but we wouldn’t recommend paying too much attention on the vehicle. If you are living in the USA like us, the 1-Series is not worth looking forward too as the odds are massively stacked against the car to debut in this country.

We already have the X1 in the market and the hatchback scene has never managed to score big financial gains on this land. As such, it will be surprising if BMW is required to confirm that the 1-Series is not bound for the US market.

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