Aadhaar Card: How to Change Aadhaar Card Address Online


Aadhaar Card: How to Change Aadhaar Card Address Online

Aadhaar card is a necessity nowadays, and has become to central to the identities of Indian citizens. From filing Income Tax Returns and applying for a driving license to getting a new mobile SIM and opening a bank account, it finds usage in various walks of life nowadays. Needless to say, it is essential to have the correct address recorded on the UIDAI-issued card. In case you do not have the correct permanent residential address mentioned on the Aadhaar card, it is imperative this be done as soon as possible. Fortunately, the UIDAI has made it pretty easy to change or update Aadhaar card address online, making it convenient to get the correct information recorded with just a few clicks.

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You need to log on to the UIDAI website in order to change Aadhaar address online. Just follow the steps:

How to Change Aadhaar Address How to Change Aadhaar Address Online

To change your Aadhaar address online, you need to have the registered mobile number as the OTP will be sent on it


That’s pretty much it to the process of changing or updating your Aadhaar card address online. However, remember that just submitting the application does not mean the address will be updated in UIDAI records. The new address submitted by you will be verified for authentication purposes before it is entered into the records, meaning you must be sure to enter the correct details.

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