Final Fantasy XV: PC Threats Shagged Off By Square Enix!


A couple of months ago, Square Enix made it clear that they found it easier to develop Final Fantasy XV for the PC and this is due to having more freedom on the platform than on the consoles.

It is a good sentiment aimed at the PC crowd but the love for the platform is now viewed as a double-edged sword for Square Enix. This is due to the fact that it took hackers only a short while to hack the game’s DRM and create Final Fantasy XV crack.

When ask to comment on it, Square Enix simply laughed it off – which signifies that the crack version is not actually threatening the developer.

True enough, scoping into the matter further will tell you that the crack version of Final Fantasy XV does not feature DLCs, Denuvo and changes from the Royal Edition. Well, this is at least for now and Square Enix is probably working on a security update as we speak.


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