5 Yoga Poses That Will Help In Relieving Exam Stress


5 Yoga Poses That Will Help In Relieving Exam Stress

It is that time of the year again. Students of class 10 and 12 go through sleepless nights and stressful days for an entire month until the very tedious board exams come to an end. The pressure to perform well in exams leads to inevitable stress which can lead to conditions like indigestion and insomnia. However, the classic practice of yoga can be very helpful in relieving exam stress. Yoga is hailed as a great stress buster. If students practice some yoga during exams, it can help in making their preparation time easier and stress free.

Pranayama or the deep breathing exercise of yoga is known to be a stress buster. Whenever the exam pressure takes a toll on your and makes you feel anxious or scared, just close your eyes and take several long breaths. Breathe by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. It will make you feel lighter and at ease.

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It can be quite difficult to maintain your cool during the month-long exams. So students can opt for these yoga poses at sunrise to keep exam stress at bay:

1. Halasana

This yoga exercise is also known as the plough pose. It helps in regulating the working of your nervous system and calms your mind. To perform the plough pose, you need to lie flat on your back with knees bent feet flat on the floor. Your arms should be on the side with palms resting on the floor. Now try and raise your legs from the hips and take them towards the back of your head. Try to touch the floor with your toes and exhale as you go up. While you release, roll back on the floor gently and inhale while coming back down. Avoid coming back suddenly. Make the movement slow and steady.

plough pose

Plough pose helps in calming your mind
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2. Veerbhadrasana

This asana, which is also called the warrior pose, is great for relieving stress and improving levels of concentration. It makes your mind more energetic and makes you focus on your breath. To perform the warrior pose, you need to stand up straight with your feet close together and arms by your side. Put your right leg forward with left foot behind and arms stretched at a level above your head. Now bend your left knee and lunge further by lifting your heel upwards. Twist your upper body while inhaling and arch your back. Hold this position, take five breaths, and repeat with the other leg.

warrior pose

Warrior pose helps in improving concentration
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3. Matsyasana

Matsyasana or the fish pose is a great yoga exercise for relieving tension and stress. It makes you feel fresh and also boosts immune system. To perform the fish pose, you need to lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Put your arms on side with palms resting on the floor and straighten your legs. Now bend your elbows and lift your upper body and exhale. Make sure that your only raise your chest and tilt your head backwards. Count until 5 and release while inhaling.

fish pose

Fish pose helps in relieving tension
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4. Parvatasana

Also known as the mountain pose, parvatasana helps in improving concentration and focus. It will also help in relieving your stress and tension. To perform parvatasana, you need to sit in sukhasana or with crossed legs and back straight up. Raised your hands towards the sky and fold them so that palms face each other. Hold one hand with the other and try to stretch upwards as if you’re trying to pull your body upwards. Pull until you feel a stretch in your abdominal muscles. Hold the position for around 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.

mountain pose

Parvatasana helps in relieving stress and tension
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5. Adho mukho svanasana

This asana is ideal for students who study at their desks. This asana relaxes your muscles and calms down your nervous system. To perform adho mukho svanasana or the downward facing dog pose, you need to lie down on your stomach on your yoga mat. Your palms should be near your ears and toes downwards with heels towards upwards towards the ceiling. In this pose, exhale and push your hands off so that your butt points towards the sky. Release by pushing your feet flat on the floor.

downward dog position

The downward facing dog pose calms down your nervous system.
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Students, here’s your guide to stress-free exams. We wish you all the very best! 

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