One More Reason For Acura Ridgeline To Get Approval


Ever since Mercedes-Benz made the bold move to launch a pickup truck with a luxurious image, there have been calls for rival carmakers to compete in the scene and Acura is part of the few that actually showed interest in doing so.

Acura revealed that they have got the resources to develop a luxury pickup truck but they won’t approve it unless there is real demand for such a vehicle. Acura also pointed out that the X-Class is not too far off from what they can offer and this is down to the fact that the pickup truck from Mercedes is largely based on a vehicle from Nissan.

While the details are unclear, such comments lead many into expecting the pickup truck from Acura to be based on the Honda Ridgeline. Most of the vehicles produced by Acura are considered as upgraded version of their affordable counterparts from Honda hence it is only right for the luxury pickup truck to start off with the Ridgeline.

Today, there’s one more reason to why Acura should approve the luxury pickup truck plans. BMW of Australia had just shared that their data has shown high demand for luxury pickups and they are now requesting for headquarters to approve the development of a pickup truck based on the X5.

If the approval is granted, then we may see Acura following suit and it will be interesting to see how the market react to it.


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