2018 Hyundai Sonata Facelift vs Toyota Camry: What’s Your Pick?


If the year today is 2008, comparing the Toyota Camry with the Hyundai Sonata would be a no brainer because it is pretty clear-cut that the Camry is the obvious choice here.

But unfortunately, the year is now 2018 and Hyundai has improved drastically on the quality of the vehicles they produce. The latest Sonata Facelift ha basically narrowed the gap with the Toyota Camry and all that is left for Hyundai to do is get pass the mental block that is preventing a large number of consumers from viewing the vehicle as an equal.

But before we get to that, just how good is the new Sonata Faelift?

Starting with comfort, the Sonata boasts a more upmarket interior and it is also designed to offer greater amount of space to the commuters. It’s safe to say that the Sonata is more comforting than the Camry inside the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Camry wins it on the performance front. The range-topping Camry is equipped with a mill that offers the best balance in power and fuel economy. The Sonata Facelift is still a level behind as it can offer 245hp and 37mpg with the 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

But make no mistake about it. The new Sonata is simply a mid-cycle refresh hence Hyundai is being conservative with the upgrade. Things are expected to be marginally better with the next-gen Sonata and this may spell trouble for the Toyota Camry. Is there going to be a power shift?


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