Fiat 124 Spider Eclipses Mazda MX-5, Toyota GT86 On The Track!


The Fiat 124 Spider may not be the first thing that comes to mind for consumers that are interested in getting an affordable sports car but this do not make it a bad vehicle at all.

Despite being based largely on the Mazda MX-5, the vehicle can produce a respectable performance on the track and it can even outdo the Miata. The data from Car&Driver Lightning Lap has proved this point and the fact that it lacks coverage has led us into sharing the information.

The Lightning Lap challenge from last year saw the Fiat 124 Spider completing the course with a timing that is a whopping 4 seconds faster than the MX-5. Just to add into the list, the 124 Spider is 4.1 seconds ahead of the Toyota GT86.

This basically proves that the 124 Spider is the superior performance car in the affordable scene and you can check out the vehicle in action through the video below.


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