2020 Ford Bronco Wants To Outdo Jeep Wrangler


Within a year from now, Ford is expected to pull the curtains off the next-gen Bronco and many can’t wait to see what the vehicle has to offer.

The Bronco was a popular name back in the 90s as it was the only vehicle that can give the Jeep Wrangler a good fight but the vehicle never managed to live into the second millennium.

Now that Ford is bringing back the Bronco, we can fully expect the bitter rivalry with the Jeep Wrangler to get renewed. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the rivalry to occur as Jeep had just brought out the new generation Wrangler.

Meanwhile, Ford has promised to deliver a monster of an off-roader through the next-gen Bronco and early reports are greatly suggesting that the vehicle will have a lot in common with the Ford Troller from South America.

Until Ford brings out the Bronco, we don’t have a gauge on how good the vehicle is going to be. But if hype is going to be the measuring stick, it looks like the future Bronco is on the path to beat the Wrangler – although many still believe that it is going to be a tight contest.


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