BMW M2 vs Audi RS3: Which Is Fastest?


The latest BMW M2 and the Audi RS3 are two of the hottest, performance-tuned luxury sedans in the market right now but which of them is fastest?

There are many ways to find this out and one of them is through a drag strip contest. A straight-line challenge involving both the BMW M2 and the Audi RS3 can show which car can burst into speed at a faster pace and we are able to witness this yesterday.

Both the BMW M2 and the Audi RS3 were pitted against each other on a quarter-mile challenge and we have to say that it is a very tight contest. A drag race may not cover every aspect of a performance car but it does help us identify the car with greater acceleration.

So, is the M2 faster or is it the RS3? We would love to spoil the result for you but it is better if you are to catch the drag race in the video below.


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