Woman Kicked Off Plane for Complaining about Period Pains


Passengers in airplane seatsA British woman says she and her boyfriend were forced to deplane from an Emirates Airline flight after complaining about period pains. The airline confirmed the couple was removed from the aircraft because the woman looked like she needed medical assistance.

Passengers in airplane seats

Beth Evans had planned with her boyfriend a trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend. But the trip was not as smooth as they had expected. Before the plane took off, Evans mentioned that she was facing mild period pain.

  • Immediately, the crew informed the captain who “made the decision to request medical support” for the woman and ask her to deplane.
  • The captain was concerned that delaying medical help would have made the woman’s condition worse during the lengthy flight.
  • The woman claims that she did not inform the crew on her condition, but a flight attendant likely overheard the discussion with her boyfriend. Emirates, on the other hand, claims that the woman alerted the crew about not feeling well because of discomfort and pain.

    Even though the passenger ranked the pain as a one out of 10 in intensity, she was still kicked off plane.

    the woman’s boyfriend told the Sun.

    He recalls that his girlfriend was “in tears” when one flight attendant started asking her questions. The man noted that it is “embarrassing” to have such discussion when somebody can overhear you.

    The woman reportedly was not looked over by anyone on the plane. The crew contacted a medical team who advised them to not allow Evans to fly. In a later statement, Emirates explained that the crew could not have risked the woman’s condition to get worse by delaying medical assistance during a 7-hour trip.
    Image Source: Pixabay


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