Next Ford Bronco: 2018 Expectations Hit The Bin!


Ford has already confirmed on the return of the Bronco through a new generation model and the vehicle is rumoured to arrive later this year.

The rumours based their claims on the US-bound Ranger, which has been linked heavily to debuting in Q1 2018. Well, Q1 is fast approaching an end and there is no sign of the Ranger debuting hence it is more likely for the midsized pickup truck to arrive in the second half of this year.

Also, keeping in mind that Ford is a profit-driven company, the carmaker is unlikely to launch two major vehicles in the same calendar and this is exactly why we don’t think that the Bronco will make its debut this year.

The way we see it, the Bronco will make its official unveiling towards the end of 2019 and it will go on sale at the start of 2020. We will be completely surprised if the Bronco is to make a public appearance in 2018 – especially with the Ranger not being out yet.


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