Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace: Well, That Didn’t Take Long


The all-new I-Pace is Jaguar’s first ever EV SUV and it has a huge prospect for success. But despite being very fresh in the market, major automotive outlets never delayed a second to compare the I-Pace with the Tesla Model X.

It cannot be helped as prior to the I-Pace, the Model X brags being the one and on only luxury EV SUV. Now that the I-Pace is around, we can find out which EV SUV has the best offerings around.

One particular bit which most are interested in seeing is a drag contest involving both the I-Pace and the Model X.

The latter boasts the ability to finish a quarter-mile with a supercar time and this is thanks to Ludicrous Mode. This is one area which the I-Pace won’t be able to match since it has yet to get a performance makeover.

An automotive outlet is well aware of this hence they have decided to hold a contest that involves the I-Pace and an ordinary Model X. So, in a battle of two ordinaries, which is better? Find out below.


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