New Details Emerge in Case of Killer Nanny


Killer Nanny on Trial

As Yoselyn Ortega’s trial, more horrific details emerged about how the killer nanny butchered the Krim’s children. This week, Marina Krim, mother of slaying Leo and Lucia Krim, was called to court to testify against the woman she trusted her children to. With tears in her eyes, the woman recalled the moments leading to the discovery of the bodies.

Killer Nanny Waited for Krim to See Bodies Before Slashing Her Neck

During her time in court, Marina Krim told the jury about how she discovered Ortega horrendous deed. The woman remembers that, on that day, Ortega was supposed to take 6-year-old Lucia ‘Lulu’ Krim to dance school.

However, when Ortega failed to appear, Mrs. Krim rushed home to see what’s the delay. The woman recalls entering the apartment, which was completely dark, save for a little light coming from the bathroom.

Upon entering the room, Marina Krim had the shock of her life – stacked in the bathtub were Leo and Lucia’s blood-covered bodies. Leo was so badly injured in the attack, that he was nearly decapitated. Krim recalls screaming at the top of the lungs for help, while Ortega kept a close watch in the next room.

Michael Minihan, the apartment complex’s superintended rushed upstairs after hearing Mrs. Krim’s cries. Upon reaching Krim’s apartment, Minihan saw Ortega trying to escape, but managed to bar the door.

Seeing that she could not escape, the killer nanny took the kitchen knife she used to butcher the children and slashed her own throat. Minihan told the jury that when she saw running away, he got a close look at her eyes, which he described as ‘having something evil in them.’

Furthermore, according to Krim’s testimony, the woman waited until she came home and saw the bodies before committing suicide.

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