What Is The Link Between Heart Disease And Erectile Dysfunction?


What Is The Link Between Heart Disease And Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to sustain erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction has often been regarded as an early warning sign of heart problems in the future. In the same way, people suffering from heart diseases can treat their erectile dysfunction with the help of right treatment. The two are linked to each other because of dysfunction of smooth muscles and inner lining of blood vessels. This causes inadequate supply of blood to the heart and impairs flow of blood in penis.

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Men suffering from high blood pressure are more prone to erectile dysfunction
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How strong is the link between the two?

Erectile dysfunction might not always signal towards a heart problem. However, people suffering from erectile dysfunctions are suggested to get themselves diagnosed for any heart disease.

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Risk factors of erectile dysfunction and heart disease:

1. People suffering from diabetes are at higher risks of developing erectile dysfunction and heat disease.

2. Alcohol abuse is considered one of the leading problems of heart diseases. Over consumption of alcohol can cause problems in getting erections.

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Alcohol and smoking can cause erectile dysfunction
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3. Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.

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4. People who have high cholesterol levels are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

5. People suffering from hypertension are at a higher risk of getting erectile dysfunction because of the medications they consume for treatment.

6. With age, it takes longer for men to get erections. What’s more is that their erections might not be that firm. Younger men suffering from erectile dysfunction are at higher risks of developing a heart disease. Among older men, it is less likely to get heart ailments because of erectile dysfunction.

7. Some men have lower levels of testosterone. These men are more prone to erectile dysfunctions and heart diseases as compared to men with normal levels of testosterone.

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