Ferrari 488 Pista FXX Rendered as Customer Racecar


Just earlier today, we were talking about how the world wide web won’t leave the Ferrari 488 Pista alone. Well, here we are, back in the rendering game, bringing you a fresh example of a Pista rendering.
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Those of you who have been camping out in the mountains without Internet will be reminded that the Pista borrows a few tricks from the Challenge racecar, standing for the track special edition of the 488 GTB (don’t call this one a standard model, though).

Well, this time around, the 488 Pista has gained the FXX suffix, which means it has been transformed into yet another customer racecar. Given the current format of the Prancing Horse’s customer racing program, we wouldn’t hold our breath for the arrival of such a model.

For instance, the program involves the FXX K, which, as many of you know, is the track-only incarnation of the LaFerrari.

Nevertheless, the styling and aero changes delivered to the 488 Pista thanks to this pixel play mean the result is worthy of our attention.

The most prominent changes take place at the nose of the beast, where we find the usual motorsport tow element, air extractor for the front wheel arches, which help the airflow in that area, as well as NACA ducts on the hood, which aid brake cooling without creating additional drag. The latter could also help create a smoother underbody.

Then we have the wheels, which come with a deep concave profile. While we’re at it, we’ll remind you that we mentioned in the intro had to do with a rendering portraying the Ferrari 488 Pista on HRE Wheels.

Regardless of what new wheels are fitted to the car, these obviously need to one-up the factory ones, which is no easy task. That’s because the Pista introduces a first for the Prancing Horse, since it comes with optional ceramic wheels.


Ferrari 488 PXX by Evren Milano –

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