Meghan Markle’s Bachelorette Party Is Officially ‘Sorted’


Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancée US actress Meghan Markle arrive at Social Bite a social enterprise cafe in Edinburgh

Since her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has developed her own royal style and so far, it’s nothing like Kate Middleton’s.

Despite the artic conditions, crowds flocked to the top of the Royal Mile to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, and they were not disappointed.

She matched the bag with a showstopping $3,681 Burberry tartan coat, which fit in perfectly in Scotland. “We love how she doubled up her Birks Iconic stackable rings, making them unique to her individual style”, she gushed.

It’s my first time in Scotland.

It’s not a stretch to believe the “Tiny Dancer” singer secured an invite as he was good friends with the prince’s late mother, Princess Diana.

In December, news broke that Israeli designer Inbal Dror had been approached by the royal family to provide a sketch of a potential dress for Markle’s upcoming wedding to Prince Harry.

This was Meghan’s first trip to Scotland. “They are very much looking forward to the day and to being able to share their celebrations with the public”.

Prince Harry and Meghan were greeted formally by the Band of the Royal Marines and a Shetland pony named Cruachan, who is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

But what has she been doing? “Meghan said, ‘I’m not sure – it’s sorted but it will be fun'”. Prince Harry himself decided as normal to stick to his uniform tones of dark grey coat, white shirt and navy sweater.

However, the pony’s previous antics suggest he well and truly has it in for the Royal Family.

The day of engagements included a trip to cafe Social Bite and meeting young leaders at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, for the next stage of Ms Markle’s promised tour of the UK.

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio stopped for lunch at Social Bite venture Home in Edinburgh’s west end in November 2016, while the Duchess of Cornwall and actor George Clooney have been to Social Bite’s Rose Street branch.

They’ll conclude their festivities with a reception celebrating Scotland’s Year of Young People, according to the city of Edinburgh.

The firm also plans to open a “village” for homeless people later this year, which would give people without accommodation a home so they can try to find some security.

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