Ex-Chelsea doc says Liverpool striker Sturridge’s injury woes a vicious circle


Former Chelsea team doctor Ralph Rogers believes Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge’s injury problems are exacerbated by a lack of regular football.

The West Brom forward was hoping to revive his career while on loan at the West Midlands outfit.

But just three minutes into the Baggies’ clash with Chelsea on Monday, Sturridge limped off with what looked like a hamstring injury.

The forward has now been sidelined seven times since the beginning of last term.

Rogers told the Liverpool Echo: “Let’s take a football player in general who hasn’t played for a while, you have to become match fit.

“If someone suffers a hamstring injury, what can happen often is that people develop scar tissue.

“What we know about scar tissue is that it doesn’t function like normal muscle and it’s prone to re-injury.

“If there’s a lot of scar tissue, then we know that people are prone to re-injury.

“You have explosive players who are all about speed, so if the muscles are tight and cold then it’s easy for them to snap, so to speak.

“What we know about athletes in general is that once you’ve had an injury you are prone to others, and not necessarily in the same place.”


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