Trump, Kim Jong-un impersonators attend the Winter Olympics opening ceremony


That challenge is set to intensify when the Olympics end.

“You went through a lot of trouble braving the cold until late” last night, Moon told the North Koreans, referring to their attendance at the frigid opening ceremonies.

Kim Yo Jong shook hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, cheered enthusiastically for a unified Korean team, and displayed a sense of humor in weekend meetings. Kim Yo Jong is 28 years old, according to the USA government. The world watched intently for any sign of progress, but none emerged.

Moon tried to engineer U.S. Moon should recognize that he himself has to press North Korea to denuclearize, rather than relegating the issue to dialogue between the United States and North Korea.

While the Winter Games are just starting to heat up this week, already success has been made for a stretch in world peace with the inclusion of North Korea into the games, proving once again how the power of sports can truly change the world. Pence was not about to allow an actual breakthrough.

The North Korean invitation puts Moon in a hard position as he seeks a rapprochement with the north on the one hand and a desire not to upset the USA on the other.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who attended Friday’s opening ceremony along with the North Koreans, said “no daylight” existed between the United States, South Korea and Japan on the need to isolate North Korea. Moon asked the delegation, before reporters were ushered from the room. He said they had. I think, both North and South Koreans view these Winter Games as a flawless opportunity to thaw their relations and improve their ties. But interestingly, Pence also suggested that during their bilateral discussions he and Moon had agreed on terms for moving forward. “There was no problem with their costumes but they entered the media seats with a regular ticket”, they said. Even now Moon’s government has to maneuver between various positions, as reflected in the contrasting statements the president gives when addressing different audiences, the expert said. “The world cannot turn a blind eye to the oppression & threats of the Kim regime”. At the same time, he is not agreeing to negotiations now.

Meanwhile the cheerleaders continued to chant long after the rest of the arena had emptied. The United States has led the charge against Kim’s rapid nuclearization, championing sanctions and providing military hardware and support to allies in the region like South Korea and Japan, much to the chagrin of diplomatic opponents like China. South Korea’s defence ministry and cybersecurity experts are included in the taskforce investigating Friday’s attack, but the possible culprit is being kept under wraps.

“If North Korea’s bid for a nuclear status is accepted, the UN’s authority would be destroyed and the non-proliferation regime would be shattered”. If North Korea won’t show real flexibility, the Trump administration will be off the hook and Moon’s diplomatic gambit will have failed. Moon may be playing right into the North’s hands.

In the course of what CNN informed its viewers and readers was a gold-medal-winning diplomatic performance, Kim Yo-jong, the US -sanctioned sister of Kim Jong-un, signed a guest book belonging to South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in. A senior White House official described Pence’s tact as ignoring the North Koreans, but not avoiding them. He has to cater to the wishes on both sides, and his wiggle-room is very small.

Kim’s presence at the Olympics has presented people in South Korea and beyond with something new to know about North Korea. His campaign begins with South Korea, where he is attempting to use ethnic nationalism to drive a wedge between that country and its U.S. ally and potentially even to convince it to abandon the alliance altogether. The United States stood its ground.


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