Here’s How To Install Ford Performance’s Drift Stick In The Focus RS


The Performance division is key to the Ford Motor Company’s sporting image. From the Fiesta ST to the GT and abominations such as the F-150 Raptor, these guys know their craft well, and are well appreciated for it.
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The thing with a performance-oriented vehicle is, there’s always that customer who wants to unlock more performance from his or her means of personal transportation. In the case of the Focus RS, the catalog of retrofit accessories and options is extremely varied, with the latest addition coming in the form of the funnily-named Drift Stick electronic handbrake system.

In comparison to a hydraulic handbrake as you would encounter in a car modified for professional drifting, the Drift Stick is much simpler to install. Ford Performance released a video in this regard, and the first thing you need to do is to take off the stock handbrake’s leather boot. Next up, remove the handle, then pop off the button that engages the handbrake.

This is where things get more interesting, now that work can finally start on the Drift Stick. After unhinging the ball stud and the removal of the 2-millimeter hex screws, separate the clamshell and leave the rest of the assembly off to the side for the time being. Now press the clamshell onto the handbrake, line up the rest of the assembly, then tighten the screws back down.

Remember the ball stud mentioned earlier? Afer installing it to the driver’s seat bracket, take the ball stud latch, pull down the quick release to latch it onto the ball screw, release the Drift Stick, then latch it on top. The final installation stage is upon us, consisting of running the wiring underneath the trim all the way to the OBD2 port. But wait, that’s not the last of it!

After plugging the Drift Stick into the OBD2 port, pull the handle up to access the mini-USB port. You’ll need that to flash the ABS software onto the Focus RS. Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that the Drift Stick works its magic in Drift Mode with the ESC system turned off.


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