WATCH: ANC focuses on Mandela but pressure mounts for Zuma to go


JOHANNESBURG – While the African National Congress (ANC) focussed on former President Nelson Mandela’s legacy on Sunday, pressure mounted for current President, Jacob Zuma to step down. 

On Sunday, the ANC marked the commemoration of Mandela from prison in Cape Town. 

It was the first major public engagement by the party’s top 6 since the State of the Nation Address (SONA) was postponed last week with ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa engaged in ongoing “talks about talks” with Zuma about his expected resignation. 



On Sunday, ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member Nomvula Mokonyane said the party’s NEC will determine when the SONA should happen.

The party’s highest decision-making body is meeting in Pretoria on Monday where President Jacob Zuma’s future is expected to top the agenda.

“The NEC of the ANC will make that particular pronouncement and that information will be communicated to the presiding officers of parliament,” said Mokonyane on Sunday. “For now, I afford the ANC the opportunity to reflect within its own highest decision-making body, the NEC.”

Speaking at the Mandela celebration on Sunday, Cosatu second deputy-president: Zingiswa Losi said Zuma had to be recalled in the interest of the country. 

<span itemprop="name" content="Cosatu Second Deputy-President Zingiswa Losi on Zuma"></span> <span itemprop="description" content="For as long as we keep the president of the republic of SA in power, the ANC's brand becomes damaged."></span> <span itemprop="duration" content="33"></span> <span itemprop="thumbnail" content=""></span> <span itemprop="width" content="643"></span> <span itemprop="height" content="361"></span>

The SACP’s Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Benson Ngqentsu echoed this call, and the Guptas must be caught and arrested.

He also said Zuma must be charged and answer for himself. He must pay the legal fees himself.

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On Sunday, Ramaphosa announced South Africa’s national minimum wage is to be introduced from 1 May this year. 





At the same event, Ramaphosa said the talks about the “transition” needed to be approached with care and with the best interest of South Africans in mind. He said the NEC would be finalising the matter. 











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