Lollipop man told giving children high fives as they cross the road is ‘disruptive’


A lollipop man has been banned from giving children a ‘high five’ as they cross the road safely over fears it distracts him from his job.

Colin Spencer, 83, has been a lollipop man in Stockport for 14 years and the highlight of his day is greeting children he helps get to school safely with a cheerful high five.

But Stockport Council have said it is a distraction from his duties, leaving him and the children he looks out for heartbroken.


The council says crossing patrol staff have to continually observe road and traffic conditions and concentrate on their core duty of ensuring highway safety.

But Mr Spencer said that he can do that and be friendly at the same time.

“I’ve never had a child hurt in 14 years,” he said. “I’ve never been hurt myself. If they sack me, that’s fair enough, that’s their business.”


He said that he’ll abide by the rules because he doesn’t want to lose a job he loves.

“If they sacked me, I’d still be on hand to go down and do it because I would,” he said.


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