Two girls take the world into Syria warzone


JOHANNESBURG – Two young girls from Syria are trying to get the world’s attention on how the conflict is affecting children in the war-torn country.

The pair, both from the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta province, have taken to Twitter to share their lives with the world.

Ghouta province has been a major flashpoint in the conflict, which has already killed hundreds of thousands of people and left millions displaced.

Eight-year-old Alaa and 10-year-old Noor have taken to social media to shine the light on what it is like to be a child living under war conditions.

The girls use the platform as a “window to their world,” describing bombardments from on the ground.

The area where Alaa and Noor live has been under tight siege since 2013 by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

The girls say their only wish is to live in peace, be able to play outside and go to school.

You can track their harrowing journey by following them on Twitter @Noor_and_Alaa.



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