Wind gave Trump the ultimate bad hair day – and now the internet is having a field day


Donald Trump’s hair has been subject to much scrutiny over the years with some conspiracy-minded commentators claiming that his blond mane is, in fact, a wig, something he has frequently and strenuously denied.

Now one video seems to provide incontrovertible proof that his hair is real – but appears to be thinning at a rapid pace.

Huffington Post reporter Ashley Feinburg published footage of Donald Trump boarding Air Force One last week and in it the back of his near-bald head is exposed as the wind plays havoc with what hair he has.

She posted the video with this caption:

Others responded with a range of emotions varying from horror to amusement.

Some users pointed out that Trump’s thinning hair has not been secret for a while and that much of his barnet is simply a combover.

And some stepped in with helpful hair care advice.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hair is an iconic symbol around the world and has even became the basis for one young Taiwanese man’s extraordinary hairstyle.

Stylists at XB hair in Changua, China managed to create this incredible likeness of The Donald on the back of a customer’s head using a razor and some creative ingenuity.

Trump hair taiwan

at first i didnt think this could possibly be real but…. i think it is?


imagine what those locks look like soaking wet

Horrifying! Flock of Seagulls crossed with Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back.

It’s like when Luke off Vader’s helmet, only horribly, terribly worse.

I don’t think it’s real but sooo well worth the watch.
Probably close to real tho. The world’s biggest comb over for sure.

This guy is literally Voldemort. But without the magic or the intelligence.

This is all I can see at the end.

Just the perfect thing to see before bed.

It makes sense. This is what happened on Fallon way back when. It’s no secret that his hair is an enormous comb-over.

Dude just shave it already.

his staff really needs to do a better job of making sure he’s not left alone w/ reporters… er… i mean wind…


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