AC Milan GM Mirabelli: Gattuso turning things around. Our summer buying will prove right


AC Milan GM Massimiliano Mirabelli insists this season’s battles were expected.

Milan are beginning to climb the table under coach Rino Gattuso, who replaced Vincenzo Montella before Christmas.

Mirabelli stated: “I faced this Milan adventure knowing it would be tough.

“Today we are halfway through a difficult path: there were many expectations, we tried to build a young team with solid foundations to be able to aspire to something important. In a single market there are no miracles, but we know well that a strong base has been built, I know Gattuso and everyone was convinced that he would do well, he is a great coach, as well as a great man.

“That after the choice there was skepticism, nothing has been done yet but the group is slowly becoming a real team. There is time to compete for all our goals as best as possible.

“Rino has reorganised the environment in an extraordinary way, despite his lack of experience, he has shown that he is already a grown-up, and we knew this after Montella’s dismissal.”


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