Why male Uber drivers earn more than females


Why male Uber drivers earn more than females

A Stanford study which examined earnings among over a million rideshare drivers on Uber shows that male drivers earn 7% more than females.

The reasons for this “gender pay gap” among Uber drivers were:

  • Experience – Uber drivers learn which routes and times pay more, and male drivers work for Uber for longer than female drivers.
  • Where and when to work – Male drivers select more profitable areas and times to work than their female counterparts.
  • Driving speed – Male drivers do more trips per hour by driving faster, which makes them more money.
  • The researchers said their study shows that “women’s relatively high opportunity cost of non-paid-work time and gender-based preference differences can perpetuate a gender earnings gap even in the absence of discrimination”.

    The full study is available here: The Gender Earnings Gap in the Gig Economy

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