Apple iPhones will ditch Qualcomm for Intel – Report


Apple iPhones will ditch Qualcomm for Intel – Report

KGI Securities has stated that Apple is set to use Intel processors exclusively in its 2018 line of iPhones, 9to5Mac reported.

Until now, Apple used a combination of Intel and Qualcomm chips for processing and connectivity functions.

According to KGI, Intel can meet Apple’s technical requirements at more competitive prices than Qualcomm.

KGI’s report comes amid a protracted legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm involving royalty payments and patent disputes, and allegations that Qualcomm was monopolising the market.

Intel has told the US Internal Trade Commission that Qualcomm is trying to kill competition from Intel in the smartphone chip market.

Qualcomm was also recently fined €997 million in the European Union for paying Apple to disregard rival chips for its iPhones.

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