What South Africa’s biggest companies pay their IT employees


What South Africa’s biggest companies pay their IT employees

PayScale has released its latest salary data for South Africa, with details on what IT positions pay in the country.

PayScale hosts a database of job salaries based on data profiles of positions in the market.

Job descriptions, job satisfaction, job demographics, common job skills, and information on university degrees is also available on the site.

The site also lists what employees are paid at South Africa’s biggest companies, based on the position they hold.

“PayScale’s salary data is based on reported information by over 270,000 South African employees with up to nine years working experience, updated as of January 2018,” stated the website.

IT jobs

The table below details the average salaries and salary ranges of IT employees at South Africa’s biggest companies – based on the position they hold.

The salary figures are based on employee profiles with varying years of experience. Positions and companies with little salary data were omitted from the comparison.

IT Jobs
Position Median Salary Salary Range
Software Developer R364,069 R161,000 – R944,000
Business Analyst, IT R394,072 R256,000 – R563,000
Business Connexion
Network Engineer R160,000 R85,000 – R328,000
Customer Support Engineer R163,807 R121,000 – R229,000
Senior Systems Engineer R323,277 R254,000 – R391,000
Java Developer R326,991 R240,000 – R419,000
Business Analyst, IT R380,182 R151,000 – R556,000
Software Engineer R348,391 R242,000 – R492,000
Senior Software Engineer R540,000 R388,000 – R690,000
Software Developer R310,000 R251,000 – R548,000
Business Analyst, IT R380,000 R246,000 – R546,000
Systems Analyst R473,544 R299,000 – R747,000
Java Developer R488,368 R239,000 – R703,000
Support Engineer, IT R136,800 R105,000 – R235,000
Business Analyst, IT R369,932 R245,000 – R567,000
Old Mutual
Business Analyst, IT R334,328 R182,000 – R710,000
Software Developer R262,749 R180,000 – R278,000
Standard Bank
Business Analyst, IT R352,935 R209,000 – R657,000
Software Developer R365,115 R233,000 – R763,000
Project Manager, IT R737,000 R254,000 – R996,000
Support Technician, IT R192,000 R153,000 – R255,000
Field Service Technician R259,820 R158,000 – R330,000

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